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VUMC Wireless Network
    • Getting Started

      Please choose one of the options below.  If you are a student, staff or faculty of VUMC, you must use your vuNetID to securely access wireless resources on this web site.

      I'm a Guest or Patient at VU

      I'm a Student, Staff or Faculty of VU (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO THIS SITE BEFORE PROCEEDING)

      To login: 
      • Look in the upper right corner of this website.  You will either see your vuNetID or the Login button.  
      • If you see your vuNetID, then you can proceed to the secured side of the website.  
      • If you see "Login", please click on "Login" and enter your vuNetID and ePassword, then you may proceed. 
      • If you are not logged in, you will get "Access Denied" when you click on the above link.

      Can't view the screen properly?

      ?If you are having problems viewing the navigation links on the right-hand side of the page when using this website, try one of the following:

      • If using Windows Internet Explorer, try zooming out with the CTRL- keys (CTRL+ zooms in)
      • Use another web browser such as Google Chrome
      • Increase you screen resolution

      Welcome to the VUMC Wireless Website
    • Network Contacts

      Assistant Director
      Mike Krusbe 

      Manager, Network Design & Engineering
      Lane Reams 

      Manager, Network Operations
      Steve Hansen

      For immediate assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 615.343.4357 and request that the Network Operations OnCall be contacted.