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    • Vanderbilt Information Technology
      3401 West End Ave.
      Suite 560W Nashville, TN 37203
      Campus Zip - 8520

      Office Hours 7:30AM - 4:30PM, M - F

      Main Number 615.936.0642

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      Look in the upper right corner of this website.  You will either see your vuNetID or the Login button.  
      If you see your vuNetID, then you can proceed to the secured side of the website.  
      If you see "Login", please click on "Login" and enter your vuNetID and ePassword, then you may proceed. 
      If you are not logged in, you will get "Access Denied" when you click on the above link.
       WEB 4.0 is designed to be a fluid and completely customizable web solution for Vanderbilt's changing business needs.  Whether you need a web based content management system or in depth data tailored for a very specific technical audience, WEB 4.0 can facilitate those needs quickly on any device.

      Pages created in WEB 4.0 use what’s called “responsive design” to mold themselves to mobile devices and tablets. No need to create mobile versions of pages. Try it with a Dashboard page and watch the widgets scroll beautifully on your phone or tablet without having to zoom in or out. 

    • An dashboard page provides a one stop shop for your at-a-glance data needs. A dashboard page consists of small apps or “widgets”. A widget might display VUMC network availability, your Pegasus tickets, or virtually anything else you might desire. A widget can hook in to any data source which can be made available to the  web team for consumption; such as Microsoft SQL or Oracle data sources among others. You can create as many Dashboard pages as you wish and it only takes seconds to create your first Dashboard. Dashboard pages are customized by you and only viewable by you.

      Report Central allows users to create very dense data packages which are internet viewable, schedulable, deliverable, printable, and which really allow the user to get down into the nitty-gritty details of a data set. These reports can be used in, and linked to from widgets where the user might want a bit more detail. Given this relationship between widgets and reports WEB 4.0 has integrated Report Central UI into the website itself allowing users to seamlessly transition between the limited data view of a widget to the full blown availability of a report.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center