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Desktop Management
    • Our Services

      The primary goal of LAN Management Services (LMS) is to make the computing experience simpler, more reliable and more productive, while reducing the cost and complexity of network and desktop support. Desktop computing should facilitate productivity, employer and employee satisfaction and should not require excessive resources to support. We leverage the latest technologies to simplify the support of the most trouble-prone aspects of the computing environment and automate support tasks that would normally be resource intensive. In this way, we help end users maximize the amount of time actually spent completing their workload and reduce the frustration that is generated by computer “downtime”. With this ever growing dependence on information technology to meet business needs, LMS has implemented as part its process workflow the use of the ITIL processes developed by the Vanderbilt IT teams to help achieve quality service and to tackle the challenges associated with the growth of IT for our customers. 

      Our core services include but are not limited to the following for all computing devices and technical staff being supported by LAN Management Services.

      Computing Devices

      Support Personnel

      1. Computing Device Installation and Maintenance
      2. OS and Application Security and Patch Management
      3. Inventory 
      4. Account management
      5. E-mail Support
      6. Tier 3 Support through LMS Technology Support person
      7. Network Security Maintenance and Configuration
      8. Automated Inventory Tools and Software Delivery
      9. Configuration Compliance Reporting 
      1. Technical interface between department and Informatics
      2. Technical consultation with experienced and technically certified staff
      3. Adherence to Vanderbilt Policies and Procedures
      4. Provision for backup support during sick and vacation time of primary LAN Manager
      5. Professional Development and Mentoring for Technical Staff
      6. Identification, recruitment and performance management of technical support staff
      7. ITIL Training
      8. Incident management, reporting and quality review
      9. 24x7 On-Call Support

      Desktop Management

      Our Cafeteria Plan for Desktop Management and support allows our customers the freedom to pick and choose what Cost Reducing Value Added Services they want us to provide them. This extreme flexibility no longer limit’s our customers to a one size fits all support model. This new type of support plan still encapsulates the lower total cost of ownership that we have always driven to provide the Vanderbilt community while leveraging all of the automated technologies where possible to provide the best in technology support services.

      Standardization with the use of automated technologies is one of the key drivers to our Cost Reducing Value Added Services for Desktop Management. By standardizing the computing environment, problem-causing variables are greatly reduced. Support personnel spend less time investigating problems and more time solving them which allows your team to be more productive. Since a workstation using our Cost Reducing Value Added Services take less time and effort to support; the cost to departments utilizing these services is appreciably less. Departments can redirect those monies back into other department functions. The primary goal of our Cost Reducing Value Added Services is to improve reliability and reduce support costs for the customer.  For each computing device using our support services, a customer can apply any or all of these additional Cost Reducing Value Added Services listed below to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for that device. 

      1. Standard Desktop
      2. Centralized Patch Management
      3. Incident Reporting through Help Desk
      4. Centralized Application Installation
      5. Hardware Life-cycling

      Cost Reducing Value Added Services

      Standard Desktop

      By purchasing a standard desktop from our recommend models, our team will be able to utilize all of our available tools such as an automated workstation build to support and manage the desktops in your department.  The installation of these tools allows LMS personnel to support these workstations quicker and reduce user downtime. In addition, this type of standardization integrates the support across our support teams making it easier for staff to maintain service levels and provide backup services faster and simpler.

      Centralized Patch Management

      Our team utilizes Active Directory group polices to manage workstation patching. Our tools allow us to make sure that right patches are chosen for security reasons but also to make sure they are installed.  This patching includes the operating system, applications and our antivirus software called Microsoft Forefront. By centralizing this patch management, a customer can be certain that their systems are protected from potential viruses or malware.

      Incident Reporting through Help Desk

      Our help desk can provide Incident management and tracking in addition to the support provided by LMS technical support personnel.  This value added service provides departments with immediate support and resolution to problems they might encounter on a daily basis. Help Desk staff are in direct contact with LMS support personnel and immediately log problems for customers and route them to the appropriate support person. This service allows a customer or department to speak with someone immediately where they may not be able to otherwise.  This creates an environment where problems can be tracked and resolved more efficiently. Requests for service from LMS Technology Support staff are submitted through the Help Desk at ext. 3-HELP (3-4357).

      Centralized Application Installation

      By utilizing this service, a customer can be certain that an important application is installed correctly onto a department workstation.  Our team will also make sure it is the correct version and will install any required patches to make sure it is working correctly. Our team will also maintain an inventory of all software licenses and manage the installation and configuration of all software onto each workstation.  By not using this service, customers will be provided a higher level of access (administrative rights) to a workstation that has the potential of creating problems where it isn’t necessary and end up creating more downtime than anticipated or even cause events that result in the loss of data.

      Hardware Life-cycling

      In order to utilize the cost savings of the Cost Reducing Value Added Service hardware life-cycling, the customer agrees to replace each workstation using this service on a 3-year augmented lifecycle. The augmented lifecycle means that these workstations must be replaced before they are 4 years old, or if they have a hardware failure in the 4th year (whichever comes first). LMS has introduced a new service offering title Guaranteed Hardware Life-cycling (GHL) to help customers meet the 3-year augmented life-cycle. GHL is not a lease but a purchase plan with 0% interest which enables our customers to purchase a computer over three years. Please see the Guaranteed Hardware Life-cycling page for further details. 



    • LAN Management Services (LMS)

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